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Current Needs

16 Jan

Here are the current Big Kitchen Needs: Blankets, Socks, Flashlights, Candles, Jackets, Tents, Paperback Books, Electronic Scale, Chest Freezer. If you are able to come up with these, please email and we will see about drop off or pick up. Thanks!

Jackets: Mostly we serve men, but we have a few women and teens.


Keeping the Big Kitchen Running

28 Nov

A few months ago, Pam Lightburn has stepped up to be the Director of the Big Kitchen Soup Kitchen. She is gearing up for tomorrow’s big meal. Can’t wait to show you all pictures! Stay tuned.

If you need a Free Thanksgiving Meal for your family stop by the Soup Kitchen Thursday Thanksgiving at 2pm.

Big Kitchen 4th Year Anniversary

28 Aug

Big news from the Big Kitchen (Soup Kitchen Marietta), believe it or not we have been up and running for four whole years come September 4th of this year.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  Of course all the Glory goes to our Father in Heaven!!!  He has just provided time and time again.  I don”t even think about where the food is coming from anymore because I just know it will!!  As long as food keeps coming in we will keep cooking it up and serving it.

This year we finally made partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, a.k.a. ACFB.  this has been such a blessing especially for our budget, because we are able to buy alot of different food supplies for a fraction of the cost that we would pay on the economy.  Most importantly though is that we are able to fill their plates up with a better balanced and even more hearty meal.  Our patrons are so happy to come in and get fed and feel very much at home while they are here.  We really do our best to make them feel special.  Plus, we are now feeding twice a week.

We have literally prepared and served thousands of meals to individuals that might have otherwise just gone hungry that day.

I want to give a special thanks to the individuals that were very instrumental in the long and arduous task of getting our kitchen up to specifications in order for us to make partnership with the ACFB, they really deserve it;

North River’s own Robin Moody

Melvin Williams

Everett Darby

Anthony Carabello

The Lightburns

My own husband, Kevin the Great! 🙂

Another shout out goes to our undying supporters, these guys are in the kitchen very regularly even when it’s hot or cold or they are tired or mad or sad or even bad; 🙂  hee hee!

My husband

My daughter Brandy

The Lightburns all of them!

Melissa Thomas

Robin Patrick and clan

Robert and Davida Byrd

Del Henriquez, the best pot and pan washer we have.  hee hee (she really is)

From North River

Rachel and her family (they actually support us in many ways that I will not divulge without permission)

Charlie Calan

Alan Rebel

Janice Yeomans

I don’t know everybody’s last name.  😦

All of these individuals and more are greatly appreciated and I will always pray for your extra blessings!!

Have a super duper blessed day!!

Your Sister Jackie

Big News from the Big Kitchen!

2 May

Hey Every Sister and Brother of Mine,

We here in the Big Kitchen have so much exciting news.  I am going to start with the most exciting of all;

1. We have finally made partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank!!  I haven’t figured menus yet but our dollar is most definitely going to be stretched a lot further.  No, that’s not all. We are authorized to do functions such as pancake breakfasts for the community, or snacks for the basketball group or anything we can dream of.

2.  This however, doesn”t mean that it’s free;  we still have to raise money for down the road.  That’s why The Big Kitchen is throwing a big Luau on June 16.

3.  Let me tell you about some of the attractions;  First, Chief Mau Mau, a great Hawaiian Chief will pay us a visit, (you won’t want to miss this).  We will have a pig roast, a 40/40/20 raffle (more description on that will follow), more food, music, learn to dance Hawaiian style and a chance to see all of your sister and brothers from our sister churches because all churches are invited.

4.  Tickets are $17.00 for a couple, $10.00 for singles and $5.00 for visitors.  Please email if you are interested in attending or just plain ol donating! You don’t have to pay for tickets right away to reserve a seat, but you do have to reserve one to attend.

The Big Kitchen has been operating for 3 1/2 years now, have fed thousands of meals and we are going strong only thanks to everybody participating in any small or large way.  We have visions of doing so much for our community right here in our own neighborhood, but we will need the continued support, so please sign up for the fund raiser or just make a donation.  I thank all of you for your undying support.

This is the year of the Lord’s favor.

Your Sissy

Jackie Williams

New Serving Hours for Sunday

27 Apr

Jackie wanted everyone to know that Sunday lunch is going to be at 2:30 going forward.

You can still come at 2pm, but the food won’t be served until 2:30pm Sundays.

Hope to see you there!

Serving without Discrimination!


Big Kitchen Soup Kitchen Serving Hours

Thursday Dinner serves at 5:30pm

Sunday Lunch serves at 2:30pm


What’s Cooking at the Big Kitchen in March and April? And New Hours/Days starting April 5th.

13 Mar

Big Changes coming to the Big Kitchen, the best soup kitchen in Marietta! In order to be in compliance with the Atlanta Food Bank we have made some changes.  If you are interested in donating to the Soup Kitchen please email mariettadealhunter @ yahoo .com (remove spaces).  Or just email if ya got any questions, put Big Kitchen in the subject line if ya don’t mind.

First is that starting April 5th, the serving hours are changing and expanding.

  • THURSDAY DINNER at 5:30pm (Wednesdays ending)
  • SUNDAY LUNCH at 2:30pm

Here is the Menu for the next couple of weeks. Note menu may change according to availability.

March 14th (Wednesday)

Pork Fried Rice

(total meal casserole)

Toasted garlic bread

Iced Tea

Hot coffee

Asst pastry

March 21 (Wednesday)

Chicken and rice stew

Green beans

Fresh baked hot rolls

Asst pastry

Iced tea

Hot Coffee

March 28 (Wednesday)

Corned beef hash

Cottage fried potatoes

Seasoned Corn

Fresh bread

Asst pastry

Iced tea

Hot Coffee

April 5th (Thursday)

Tacos (hard and soft shell)

Refried Beans

Spanish Rice

Asst pastry

Iced tea

Hot coffee

April 8th (Sunday)

Ham, Macaoni & Cheese Casserole

Green Beans

Toasted Garlic Bread

Asst Pastry

Iced tea

Hot coffee

April 12 (Thursday)  I will be out of town from the 9th-16th so simple meals until I get back.

Chili Dogs


Asst pastry

Iced tea

Hot Coffee

April 15th

Ham and Cheese Sandwiches


Chilled Fruit

Pickle slices

Girl Scout Cookies

Iced Tea

Hot |Coffee

Some Pictures of the Delicious Food the Big Kitchen Serves

28 Jan

Thanks to its many volunteers and contributors.