Big Kitchen 4th Year Anniversary

28 Aug

Big news from the Big Kitchen (Soup Kitchen Marietta), believe it or not we have been up and running for four whole years come September 4th of this year.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  Of course all the Glory goes to our Father in Heaven!!!  He has just provided time and time again.  I don”t even think about where the food is coming from anymore because I just know it will!!  As long as food keeps coming in we will keep cooking it up and serving it.

This year we finally made partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, a.k.a. ACFB.  this has been such a blessing especially for our budget, because we are able to buy alot of different food supplies for a fraction of the cost that we would pay on the economy.  Most importantly though is that we are able to fill their plates up with a better balanced and even more hearty meal.  Our patrons are so happy to come in and get fed and feel very much at home while they are here.  We really do our best to make them feel special.  Plus, we are now feeding twice a week.

We have literally prepared and served thousands of meals to individuals that might have otherwise just gone hungry that day.

I want to give a special thanks to the individuals that were very instrumental in the long and arduous task of getting our kitchen up to specifications in order for us to make partnership with the ACFB, they really deserve it;

North River’s own Robin Moody

Melvin Williams

Everett Darby

Anthony Carabello

The Lightburns

My own husband, Kevin the Great! 🙂

Another shout out goes to our undying supporters, these guys are in the kitchen very regularly even when it’s hot or cold or they are tired or mad or sad or even bad; 🙂  hee hee!

My husband

My daughter Brandy

The Lightburns all of them!

Melissa Thomas

Robin Patrick and clan

Robert and Davida Byrd

Del Henriquez, the best pot and pan washer we have.  hee hee (she really is)

From North River

Rachel and her family (they actually support us in many ways that I will not divulge without permission)

Charlie Calan

Alan Rebel

Janice Yeomans

I don’t know everybody’s last name.  😦

All of these individuals and more are greatly appreciated and I will always pray for your extra blessings!!

Have a super duper blessed day!!

Your Sister Jackie


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